Basic Handgun

Basic Handgun

Thursday, April 4th  |  5:30pm – 8:30pm
Sunday, April 28th  |  9am – 12pm
Saturday, May 11th  |  9am – 12pm
Sunday, May 26th  |  9am – 12pm

Course Length:  3 hours

Requirements:  Personally owned handgun OR rental (must purchase ammunition with a rental) (Factory loaded ammunition only, No Reloads) Minimum of 50 rounds recommended.

Class Size Limit:  12

Cost:  $50 (Includes lane fee and 2 targets) 

This course is an introduction to firearms starting with classroom training on the basics of firearms safety, parts of the handgun and principles of marksmanship, such as proper stance and grip. The classroom portion will include hands-on training where the participant(s) will become comfortable handling the firearm. The course then transitions to the ranges where the participants will shoot at various distances.

Participants will gain a basic understanding of gun safety, proper shooting technique, and increased confidence in handling firearms. This course is highly recommended for first time shooters or anyone who would like a refresher.