Core Values

We Pride Ourselves on Core Values

In business as in life, what you value at your core determines the course of action.  At Range 129, our Core Values are the fuel that keeps us firing on target.


Firearm safety and the security of our staff, customers and all law-abiding citizens is our first priority, each and every day.


We approach every aspect of our business and its practices with the highest ethical standards, ultimately focused on providing the best possible customer experience.


Everything we do is built on the foundational belief that law-abiding citizens are the first line of defense against personal and public threats. As such, we should be empowered with the knowledge, training and skill to defend ourselves, our families and the public as the need arises.


We approach firearms education with a teacher’s heart to ensure it is a comfortable, intriguing experience that is available to anyone who wants to learn or expand their understanding of firearm safety and usage.


Serving the community with the utmost respect, we’re proud to embrace the responsibilities that come with being part of it and look forward to a long and endearing relationship.