Retired Law Enforcement Officer Program

RPO Qualification

Cost: $45.00 for non-members, $20.00 for members  (Includes lane fee and 2 targets)

Range 129 is a proud supporter of law enforcement.  We offer semi-annual qualifications for officers who wish to carry under the NJSP Retired Law Enforcement Officer Program (RPO).  The training session begins with a course of instruction on firearms safety, as required by the Attorney General and outlined in the “Use of Force Training for the Retired Law Enforcement Officer” manual.  Officers will then shoot the day and night handgun qualification courses.

Each officer will need at least 100 rounds of ammunition per handgun, a hand-held flashlight, eye & ear protection and photo identification. Weapon-mounted lights are permitted however certain strings of fire require a handheld flashlight. Qualification targets will be provided.

Officers will be provided with a qualification sheet (NJSP Firearms Training Record) at the successful completion of the course.  

Questions regarding the NJSP RPO Program can be found by clicking the link:

To reserve your spot, email [email protected]