The Archery Ranges

Indoor Range

Range 129 features 13 indoor archery lanes at 16 yards.

Outdoor Standard Target Range

Our Outdoor Archery Range features 6 shooting positions that max out at 60 yards.

Outdoor 3D

Target Range

Our Outdoor 3D Range will give you the ultimate experience to shoot to a max of 60 yards - come see our Raptor target!


Archery Pro Shop

Come get all you need to enjoy this awesome sport! From bows to accessories and free inspections, you will surely have an unforgettable experience with us!

  • $60 for 1st person, $30 for each additional person.

    1 hr

    60 US dollars

10 Ways to be a Safe Archer

  1. Point a Loaded Bow Exclusively at the Target

  2. Always Point the Bow Downrange (No Sky Drawing)

  3. Never Shoot Across Lanes

  4. Know and Obey All Range Commands

  5. Follow Correct Line and Whistle Procedures

  6. Retrieve Targets and Arrows at the Same Time as All Other Archers

  7. Always Check to Make Sure the Range is Clear Before Shooting

  8. Always Check Backwards Before Drawing the Bow

  9. Use Only Target or Field Pointer Arrows (Broadhead, Blunt Point and Razor Tipped Arrows are Prohibited)

  10. Always Check Equipment Before Shooting


Archery Range Waiver